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The LARGEST Philly graffiti photo collection, new and old. Ya dig ???


Below are some Philly graffiti related items for sale. These are limited and will be featured in the upcoming OFFICIAL 215graff.com online shop coming soon.

"TRUE HEADZ" (Official DVD) - Limited Copies !! - $20.00

        Available for a limited time, get your hands on this Philly classic. This film was released in Philly way over a decade ago, and is now available again. These wont last long, as there is a limited amount of copies available.

        This classic DVD features TONS of Hip-Hop material, highlighting Philly's finest. The bombing footage includes SOSA (PMS), MKN (UTS), CAEM (KMD), CED (KMD), HASE (OAL), PASTOR (IX), SLAVE, KES-ONE, SPAN (MIC) R.I.P., SEW, LOBO, MOON AND MUCH MORE !! Once again, these are going fast, and unless you find it on the street from "the man" himself, these are only available on 215graff.com. Own a piece of Philly graffiti & hip-hop history.

       To purchase send an email to flicks@215graff.com for more info, make sure to include a phone number or email address.