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Thursday, March 3, 2011

RAPSODY - LEMME THINK - Produced by 9th Wonder

If your in a chill mood, or are looking to be, twist up, or pour your favorite vice, cause this one is what you need. With a chiiiiiiill beat by none other than 9th Wonder, "Rapsody" spits some fire, on random topics, almost sounding lit herself. Rapsody is a newbie who 9th is introducing to the world. Google her mixtape "Rapsody - return of the b-girl". She works with Rah Digga, Amp, and plenty of 9th Wonder beats. Just check out this song, its 9th's signature drums, and sample, but this one is different. Just ......very........chill.......

Rapsody - Lemme Think (Prod. 9th Wonder) - DOWNLOAD HERE

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