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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The 215graff.com renovation is OFFICIALLY in progress!!!!

It takes a lot of time and dedication, AND HELP! to run a website. 215graff.com is here, its not going anywhere, and it promises to be the BEST and ONLY indexed site on the internet. Heres whats new:

-Click on the picture, and a gallery will pop up underneath. Use it to scroll across, or simply look for the picture you want, and click on it.

-Indexing.....Your going to see some old shit pop up, or it may look a bit messy this week, but im in the process of indexing the pictures better so that when you click on "joe", ONLY pictures with "joe"'s work will show up. Not a million scattered posts like before.

-Facebook - "like" us on the right, or refer us to Google, if you can, sponsors wouldn't hurt, and it would provide me with more opportunities to make the site better.

-Sharing pictures - We encourage ANY pictures, although not all will be accepted. We cant take shitty shots, or small ass camera phone pictures. And if your a writer who's NOT on the site, dont be mad, were either working on it, or havent got the pictures of your stuff yet, or your not good enough (which is a process thats decided between many older, younger writers, and fans) but all in all, the streets speak for themselves. Drive around and SEE whos really out there or not. This site is strictly for people who want to see new or old stuff they havent seen before, or to look up a writers specific work, to admire, or learn from.

As i've said before, theres a handful of people, who help with this site, but as i also have said before, websites are new to me, and i've learned a lot. Just haven;t had the time to start cleaning it up. So instead of shutting the whole site down while renovating, you'll just see some weird posts, or doubles, but you WILL see new pictures, of old and new street shit. Thanks to everyone to keeps visiting, and FUCK the haters, toys, and city officials who want this site to go away. We DO condone illegal writing, and while the rest of Philly sleeps, we WILL get away with it. I'm fucking tired, peace out anyone who cares.....

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